Impact Marketing Solutions is committed to making its services as accessible as possible and endeavours to ensure that webpages are compliant to the Web Accessibility Initiative.

This website has an 'A' WAI rating with passes for many 'AA' and 'AAA' criteria.

If you do find any accessibility barriers that affect or prevent your use and enjoyment of the website, please let us know and we'll do our best to address the problem as soon as possible. If you have any queries with regards to accessibility please email us at

Text size
If you find that the text is too small for you to read, you can change it to a size you're more comfortable with:
  • In Windows Internet Explorer, use the View > Text Size menu.
  • In Macintosh Internet Explorer and Netscape 6 and 7, use the View > Text Zoom menu.
  • In Opera, use the Zoom selector.
  • In Firefox and other Mozilla browsers, use the View > Increase Text Size option.
  • In Safari, use the View > Make Text Bigger option.
  • If you use a wheel-mouse, you may be able to change the text size by holding down the Control or Command key and turning the wheel. In some browsers you can change the text size using Control or Command and the + and – keys.

Access Keys
Access keys are shortcuts to provide quick and easy access to common pages without the need for a mouse and have been included to assist users with disabilities navigate around the website.
Access Keys are available for the following pages:

  • h – Home
  • e – Expertise
  • a – Approach
  • s – Services
  • c – Contact
  • t – Terms and Conditions
  • p – Privacy Policy
  • m – Site Map
  • x – Accessibility

To use Access Keys hold down either Alt, Ctrl or Shift (depending on your browser) with the Access Key (listed above) and press the Enter key (if required).

Access Keys are not supported by the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 4.5 for Mac
Netscape versions earlier than version 6

You may wish to tailor your current browser to your needs, access alternative browsers or download add-ons: here are links to various browsers to help you: